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All Flame Retardants are certified by independent lab testing. Our products exceeded the requirements of NFPA 701 with minimal loss of mass, zero after flame and 0 flaming dripping. For the California Title 19 testing, char length was less than half the required to pass and also had zero after flame.

For the CAN/ULC S-109 tests, damage length was well below required and exhibited zero after flame and zero flaming dripping. For CAN/ULC S-109 Large Scale, the char damaged length was a third of limit, with zero after flame time and zero flaming dripping.


Our products are certified by tests conducted by an independent third party laboratory. Provided the products are applied following manufactures procedures, we guarantee they will provide flame retardant functions as represented by the above test standards. As we cannot control the application and environmental conditions, there are no other warrantees expressed or implied. Applicator is responsible for determining safety of their particular application. Depending on the requirements of the Fire Code in particular jurisdictions, third party testing of final applicated product may be required.  

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